Active aging to support our physical and mental health artwork
HUM Zinger

Active aging to support our physical and mental health

  • E7
  • 31:50
  • June 18th 2021

In this episode, Sue and Mike are joined by Jayne Sandilands, owner and director of Refresh Active Aging. Jayne currently lives in Cochrane, Alberta, she offers both virtual and in person active aging support. As a qualified, accredited Life Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, she helps and motivates people to get back on track with activity/exercise to become a better version of themselves.

 Jayne talks about the importance of staying active while we age. "We have to move to be fit, we don’t have to be fit to move." She emphasizes the importance to start anywhere and meets people where they are at. Jayne focuses a lot of her classes on functional movement to move our bodies in ways that will benefit us in real life. Jayne talks about different types of exercise, how much exercise is recommended to stay active and working out in your target heart rate zone. based on your age. Jayne has lots of different options for staying active, her focus is building community around fitness. Hopefully Jayne has inspired you to stay active.

HUM Zinger

A podcast hosted by Sue Newton and Mike Davies from Health Upwardly Mobile (HUM) in Calgary, Alberta Canada. This podcast focuses on health and wellness with a wide range of topics such as relationships, nutrition, finances, mental health, addiction, recovery and many more. Each episode, Sue and Mike interview guests who are experts in their field, and we end our conversation with a Hum Zinger question to add some humour to some otherwise serious topics.