Sound baths-the healing power of sound artwork
HUM Zinger

Sound baths-the healing power of sound

  • E8
  • 39:36
  • July 19th 2021

In this episode, Sue and Mike are joined by Kristy from Lighthouse Sound Studio in Calgary, Alberta. Kristy is a Registered Nurse, a certified Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer. As an Integrative Health Practitioner, Kristy uses a variety of tools for health and healing and sound baths are a part of her offerings.  She also offers yin yoga, qigong, meditation and breathwork as part of her practice. Her area of specialty is working with clients who are addressing Addiction, Recovery, Chronic Health Conditions, End of life, Trauma/PTSD & those undergoing oncology treatments, however everyone can benefit from sound baths.  

Kristy talks about the healing benefits of sound, the experience of a sound bath and her use of gongs, crystal bowls and chimes to increase the vibrational frequency of participants. Kristy shares some of the science of healing through sound with the impact on brain waves, the immune system, blood pressure, heart rate and overall physical and brain health. Based on her own experience, Kristy provides the opportunity for people to work though the “issues in their tissues” and release whatever comes up as there is no right or wrong way to experience a sound bath. 

HUM Zinger

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